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France Loto Resultat 16.07.2018

3-9-16-31-36   Bonus: 1
Joker: 4159786

Keno 17.07.2018 Midi


Joker+: 2 653 001    Multiplier: x1

Euro Millions    13.07.2018

01-04-14-21-49    2-12

What is the biggest lottery jackpots in the world?

For all your big lottery jackpot geesdriftigers I'm sure you often ask yourself: what lotteries give you the highest commission in terms of a single jackpot win?

Leading the Megamillions, Lotto and Super Lotto Plus the road or there is a small lottery, which surprised everyone with a big payout?

A list of lottery controllers

In a recent news article on lottery this Article Top 24 Jackpot around the world. The list will not be a surprise to be lottery controllers because all the biggest jackpots around the world on these listings can be found.

Lotteries The U.S. is number one on the list

The first eight positions on the list are the two major inter-state lotteries from the U.S., and Powerball Lottery Online! The world's largest pension payments jackpot won was $ 390 million on the Lottery Online. The biggest Jackpots won by one person (single card and not a syndicate not) was a jackpot amount of $ 340 million in the Powerball.

Great Euro lottery jackpots

The biggest jackpot that is not a U.S. jackpot was € 183.5 million is on the Euromillions won. The price was between three ticket holders split. Following are the Italian SuperEnalotto with a huge jackpot of € 177.7 million. The price is unfortunately divided between seventy people.

Other big lottery jackpots

Other countries and lotteries lottery jackpots that great had been the UK National Lottery (£ 42 million Jackpot), the German National Lottery (€ 37.6 million), the Grand Lotto 6 / 55 (Asia's biggest prize - € 13 million), the Brazilian Mega-Sena Lottery (R $ 145 million - South America's largest Jackpot) and the Australian Oz Lotto (AUS $ 106 million - is shared by two people). giving away fantastic prizes - forever offer eight lucky winners the chance of the lottery games forever.

2nd February 2010, London. is again the first online ticket provider that did something new. Born of the freedom and power of the Internet, it has the way people play the lottery, forever changed. Not only are there huge jackpots, but every year there are fantastic prizes on offer - luxury holidays to the most convenient tools available - offers the full experience.

After we considered that any possible price lottery lucky player will make it became clear that the jackpot without doubt the best prices. So we 'til you win "competition created.

There were a total of eight prizes, each prize, an entry in each draw for that particular lottery - for 30 years or until the player hit the jackpot!

To register for this competition deelteneem need players a bundle. A bundle consists of entries for all the lotteries offered for a certain period (week, month, six months or a year). The winners of this competition is much ecstatic about their prices!

It is not difficult to understand. These prices never before seen! The first prize winner, A Oestergaard from Denmark, after a £ 11.700-00 value of tickets, and look even better, the huge jackpots SuperEnalotto three times per week is offered. She never again be bekommered or her enrollment in or not. then decided to set things in motion to hold through another exciting promotion, the "February Celebrations" where winnings for the entire month of February will be doubled .*

Interesting facts about the UK Lottery

Welcome to the wonderful world of the National Lottery, currently one of the largest lotteries in Europe.

With an average jackpot win between £ 2 million and 3 million pounds Pounds offered twice a week, the UK lottery certainly is a hot topic, and like most things worth talking, we can not get enough of it .

Unclaimed lottery prizes

One of the greatest tragedies in the lottery world must surely be someone who won the jackpot, but do not know! This may be due to a lost or stolen card, or a simple ignorance, where the winner was not aware that they are not a prize won it! The UK Lottery has unclaimed prizes that total more than £ 426 million is.

Winners have 180 days from the date of their victory to claim their winnings, otherwise it will be lost forever. Currently there is £ 34,000,000 of unclaimed wengelf within this period and who have not claimed yet.

How much did the UK Lottery away

The UK National Lottery is in the business of money. Not only is this a good way to raise funds for needy charities, but of course, and perhaps more importantly for the players, it makes some people happy very, very rich. The UK National Lottery jackpot game creates winners 01:59 per week and more than a million smaller price level winners every week. Total prizes given away so far is reaching almost £ 16.6 billion pounds.

Let's partner a little over lottery jackpot

This is why we still play the lottery! How much of the "big money" has been won? Well, we must first split between jackpots that''one person won and jackpots that are won several players (and therefore shared between the players).

The biggest win to date by a person who won was £ 28 million. Of course, the draw who has oorgel. The biggest jackpot was £ 42 million on January 6, 1996. Three ticket holders shared the jackpot. It is always sad to see your profit sharing, but let's face it, a third of £ 42 million is still an incredible money alert!

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